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Bentofix® Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) are self-sealing barriers with a composite structure that utilises the strength of millions of needle-punched fibres to secure a uniform layer of high swelling sodium bentonite. This balanced combination of polymer fibres and a naturally occurring clay mineral creates the ultimate sealing layer with high long-term shear strength. Bentofix® GCLs are the industry standard for mineral sealing layers worldwide. Bentofix® is an extremely versatile clay-based lining product. Once hydrated, Bentofix® is an effective barrier against liquids, vapours, and gases. With over a decade of successful installations, the range of Bentofix® applications is virtually limitless:

  • waste and contaminated soil caps and closures
  • landfill base liners
  • geomembrane protection layers
  • gas and vapour seals
  • surface impoundment liners
  • secondary containment
  • dams, canals, and water courses
  • tailings containment
  • groundwater protection
  • sorptive barriers
  • vertical barriers

Bentofix® means safety. Strong and durable nonwoven geotextiles encapsulate and protect the layer of pure bentonite ensuring its long-term performance. And since Bentofix® contains the highest quality natural sodium bentonite, an immediate swelling following installation is guaranteed to safely self-seal any unexpected mechanical damages. Because of its immense elongation capacity, Bentofix® shows a long-term adjustment to earth deformations, such as differential settlements. Steep slope applications are easily accommodated by Bentofix®.
A unique fibre-bonding process locks the needle-punched fibres into place creating high internal shear strength with unsurpassed creep resistance. Bentofix® also addresses the often critical issue of interface friction angles. The mechanically bonded nonwoven geotextiles provide the shear resistance necessary for even the most demanding applications. This fibre reinforcement not only provides shear strength, but also prevents lateral migration of the bentonite. Installed in a double layer configuration, Bentofix® is safe from desiccation throughout the entire year and clearly superior to conventional compacted clay liners. Bentofix® GCLs are certified by government regulators.
When considering all aspects of a project, it is easy to see how Bentofix® provides both economical and environmental advantages. Since Bentofix® is equivalent to multiple lifts of compacted clay, it thereby increases the potential containment volume in landfills, yielding additional revenues from tipping fees. Bentofix® installation is quick and easy; it is simply unrolled on site and overlapped at the joints. From a logistical standpoint, Bentofix® advantages are also easy to see: one truckload of Bentofix® covers 4,000 m2 compared with only 40 m2 (50 cm thick) for a load of clay.

Bentofix® can be stored on site with little effort. Field testing and sampling from completed clay-covered areas are a thing of the past with Bentofix®. The manufacture and quality control laboratory programme of Bentofix® means it arrives on site with the necessary test results, ready for installation. Compaction and moisture content testing are also eliminated with Bentofix®. »Unroll and cover« is the motto of Bentofix® installations. There is no easier way to do it.

Bentofix® is a robust, versatile product that provides the highest safety standards and cost efficiency available. Bentofix® is unrivalled when it comes to project logistics, too. Choosing Bentofix® will reduce construction costs and time, while also preserving our natural environment.

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