Landfill Lining

Landfill / Basal Lining

The essential component for environmental protection in Landfills, is the main geomembrane liner. A correctly specified and installed liner can hold and divert leachate contaminants, organic landfill pollutants and prevent their entry into the groundwater over a long period of time.

Slope stability and waste stability are important considerations within the basal lining to any landfill cell. The smooth HDPE linings are well suited to the relatively flat conditions of the base but where steeper side slopes (batters) are required, it is often desirable to choose a liner with a textured surface which can help to resist any sliding movements between the liner surface and the waste body itself.

The essential elements for the basal liner system are made up of the leachate collection system within the protection layer, the main liner system which is usually a minimum of 2.0mm HDPE, the leachate detection / collection zone if applied and then a basal composite layer using a Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) and/or a compacted low permeability soil.

The overall cost of any liner system is often only a fraction of the total project and yet it frequently is the most critical element for the protection of the environment.

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